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What I love about French-inspired lifestyle

pieces are the heritage brands and avant-garde couture. These are brands that reflect a strong cultural heritage and architecture. My number one inspiration from France has to be Hôtel d'Estrées, designed by the architect Robert de Cotte early 1700s. In the photo is shown the Gold Salon, the former Salon d’Honneur. The doors, walls, and cornices are gilded with gold leaf, and the architecture includes four columns with Corinthian capitals. Over the doors are illustrations from the fables of La Fontaine.

The architect, Robert de Cotte, has created stunning mansions that have influenced French architecture to the day. Rococo residential design is a style of interior design inspired by de Cotte. This 18th-century inspired style of baroque architecture often depicts themes of love, classical myths, stories of youth, and playfulness. When it comes to interiors, imagine your living room designed with light and graceful asymmetry, elaborate in detail, intricate in its pattern, serpentine gold-bronze design work, exuberant natural curves, and a predisposition to lighter, pastel, and gold-based color palettes. 

France was the center of the development of Rococo, in fact, the culture of 'salons' (or a living room) was innovated to create an artistic space to entertain and impress guests. Several Rococo palaces reflect interior comfort with noble, simple, and elegant facades that have an impressive public grandeur.

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