Lets Talk Styling: Tips from your Rug curator

There's so many colors and designs to choose from and it can get quite tricky to find that perfect Rug. Today, I'm taking you through the essentials in rug styling. This 1 min read is all you need to get you prepped at choosing the perfect rug for your space.

Here are your Tips:

1. You need to choose a color palette. Period. Make sure you pick more than just one or two colors for your space. Ideally pick three colors, one of which is complimentary and try to stick to similar shades with the larger elements of your spaces. For example, If you've picked beige furniture, you can add in cream colored Rug frames or pick elements in lighter/ similar shades. 

2. Accessorize! Oh this is a must for a beautifully styled space- be it either a modern or a traditional look that you are after- you've got to have just the right accessories to complete your rug space vision. Accessories like mirrors, vases, art, etc. depict the theme of your living space and instantly add a unique personality - your personality! A really good styling tip is to use your accessories to add in a pop of color- this could be the complimentary color form your palette or something completely different than the Rug you've picked- you can get wild and creative.

3. Go easy on the patterns. Don't get to matchy-matchy. The best designs for your interior space can be achieved with minimalism. There you go - I said it! As much as we love our patterns, I'm going to advice you to double check that you haven't overwhelmed your place with too many matching designs that it gets confusing. A great Rug design, is design enough.  

4. 'Layer your Rugs??' Yupp- this is a pro tip to a luxurious look for when you want to lift and draw attention to a truly beautiful Rug. A good example of what I've seen one of my clients do is: she loved an absolute stunner vintage piece from us (shade: orange, red) but it was a smaller sized piece. So she picked a larger Kilim Rug in beige to go with her furniture and styled the Vintage rug on top of it across. This turned out so well and works perfectly for the winters too.

5. 'Size-wize Rugs' means that you don't pick something too small or too large that it looks like its floating up your space. Rugs have to belong in a structure and need to be sized well,  you can place some of the rug under your sofa or bed and this will help anchor the space. I like to have a comfortable 30-50 cms laying well rested under the furniture. Also, this is a cool anti slip-hack, you can always get a rug pad if you need one.

Most importantly: Don’t be afraid to combine different styles, patterns, textures, and shapes. Express your personality and get creative! You do you best. A truly beautiful rug is an investment, one you can have for your entire life. Picture yourself walking into your space with this rug you've picked, it will most likely have a beautiful emotion and story behind it. It becomes an expression of 'you' - a piece of you manifested in your space.

I hope you've enjoyed this read as much as I love putting this together for you.




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