Our Story

Who We Are

Treaxures Luxury is a New Zealand owned family business passionate about bringing uniquely authentic products that beautify your space. We believe that every culture has a story to share and our collections aim to bring a piece of cultural heritage straight to the comfort of your homes. 

We pride ourselves in creating beautifully designed and ethically made creations for your homes, restaurant and hotel aesthetics. We design our pieces in New Zealand and work with conscious makers from around the globe to curate a truly authentic experience. 

Join us on this journey as we unravel 'treaxures' from around the globe and from our own backyard. While you are here, we hope that you discover stories of the finest pieces cultural heritage has to offer.

Ethical Makers

We specialize in creating beautiful rug designs that are then off for production with many of our makers in Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lebanon and Iran. We are proud to partner with ethical makers who’s passion for rugs run in the family and their values to create fair align with ours.

Natural Materials

We specialise in rug history bringing the finest, genuine handmade collection of rugs. Our unique peices are made from 100% Ghazny wool and sheep wool of high quality. Dyes used to colour are obtained from natural colouring matters such as tree barks, fruits, vegetables and plant sources creating beautiful shades.