The Prize Elite 

The Prize Elite is a private young professionals' club. A networking community that welcomes young entrepreneurs, distinguished and achieving youth to maximize your opportunities and experiences through making quality contacts and meeting like-minded, professionals, decision-makers, leaders and change-makers in academy, business and entrepreneurship. 

Entertainment, Innovation and Progress. 

Young industry professionals, who value learning, unlearning and re-learning, from a diverse array of backgrounds come together to celebrate and innovate through NZ's growth and advancement. This club offers both an on- and offline environment to facilitate networking amongst young professionals within various industries. 
Be part of a community of like-minded business people who value growth, abundance and your success. Prize Elite formally engages and supports future innovators' collaboration, knowledge sharing, and career development among our young professionals. Interesting events and exclusive opportunities will feature regularly on your calendar throughout the year. 
The nomination process takes around 40 days. Candidates require a proposer, and two supporters who are all members of the Club. You may register your interest and email Hannah at for further details.


Image Via LKVerdant x Elizabeth Arden