Tx:Gold Cairo Centerpeice Decor
Tx:Gold Cairo Centerpeice Decor

Tx:Gold Cairo Centerpeice Decor

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Beautify your space with Tx: Gold Cairo Centrepiece Decor.
  • You’ll love the stunning design and detailing of this decorative piece, which adds a touch of class and beautiful presence to any space. 
  • This tabletop decoration not only looks amazing on its own but can also be used to hold various items around the house. Hold a flower arrangement, display treats, or use it as a decorative bowl.
  • Masterfully designed, this 18 x 45 x 18 cms décor centrepiece bowl ensures maximum durability. Everything from the intricate detailing this sturdy piece is made of copper, carefully constructed to keep this decorative Cairo piece looking great.
  • This is that one gift you simply can’t go wrong with. It’s the perfect present to crown any anniversary, wedding, housewarming, Mother’s Day, or birthday.
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